Laura, a design house

Laura is a unique exhibition space where you can find everything for your home. A studio that, in addition to a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for your specific space, offers a design that stimulates the senses and creates a specific atmosphere with the collection of accessories designed by talented regional designers.
Laura is a new brand of XYLON furniture production. The company was born in 1995 in Belgrade. Since then, we have been making furniture and designing interiors that you love.

Our Vision remained the same from the beginning – to involve you as a client in the design process in order to achieve a true balance between your lifestyle and our design creativity. During all this years of working with you, we have achieved and learned a lot, made mistakes, but also corrections. The idea of Laura was born from rich experience, a design house that gathers our qualities in one place.

Opening just another modern showroom with large glass windows and already seen beautiful furniture? Not. This time it had to be something special, worthy of years of work and improvement in every way.

Built back in 1929 by pilot Rista Ristic, and according to the project of the famous architect Alexander Derok, in the style of Russian romanticism, Villa Laura on Senjak, got our attention.

The renovation project of this elegant pre-war villa and its transformation to furniture showroom and event center was a challenging project. We projected Laura as a design house that offers furniture and accessories that are sculptural and sophisticated in every sense. We did not want to offer only beautiful and functional space, but more to stimulate the senses and create an authentic atmosphere.

The architecture of the villa inspired us to present Laura as a personification of harmonious, beautiful and educated woman with her body, senses and thoughts. That woman is a girl, a mother, a grandmother -she is our customer who appreciates the values that ​​we present. We presented the everyday life through high quality natural materials, the finishing of every piece of furniture and that small but important detail that makes the difference.

Our offer includes furniture pieces designed by domestic and foreign designers, as well as lighting, sets and other furniture of world famous brands. Also, there are accessories such as art jewelry, ceramic
utensils and decorative items.