People make the place.

The Laura project gathered young promising people, but also well-known world companies. Together, we have made the villa a kind of sales gallery of applied arts that promotes the creativity of the most creative. We offer a large collection of furniture, lighting, home decorations, sculptures, paintings…
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NITEA has been raising the working atmosphere and home environment in Serbia and the region to a higher level for more than 20 years. A completely modern, creative and fresh approach to interior design has beautified numerous offices and homes.
The ambition of the company is to modernize and improve the home interiors, but the focus is on seating and accessories.

Nitea has the exclusive right to sell the Swiss brand Vitra, but also many years of cooperation with
many global brands such as Pedrali, Mutto, Hay, Sedus, Wittmann and others…


The company Light Systems Design, is working for over 20 years, selling professional lighting for private houses, business premises or industrial plants.
We offer a complete process from solution to implementation, which includes design, offers of different levels and prices of lighting fixtures, and then the execution of high-current electrical work and low-current electrical work (alarms, video surveillance, access control, “smart home”). All this with the aim of achieving more successful cooperation with architects, designers, contractors, investors. The headquarters are located in Novi Sad.
We cooperate with the world's most famous brands and manufacturers of decorative and technical lightning.
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Muci Bobina is a design & fabrication studio based in London. Team that consists of architects, designers and craftsmen find the ultimate joy in making. Each piece goes through hands numerous times, until the highest possible definition is achieved.
Everything happens in their studio and workshop in the heart of London – from the first sketch to the final product. Their mission is to continuously improve products and processes to make them as sustainable as possible. All precious metals and materials are carefully sourced with respect for everyone involved.
With an aim to invent the new and the unique, Muci Bobina makes only limited series and custom commissions. Pieces are designed to be curious enough to stand out, but simple to last.


Tekne is a brand that was created by the desire of the academic painter Jana Kuvalja to turn her paintings into applied art, jewelry.
Each shape is inspired by nature or geometry and is intentionally minimal so that the colors and gold finish can be accentuate and shine! Colors that are baked together with porcelain at high temperatures remain stable and never lose their strength. In love with the matte warm look of porcelain, Tekne does not glaze its pieces, but leaves the porcelain uncovered.
The Tekne team consists of a small group of friends dedicated to the brand.
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We are Maja and Coka, landscape architecture engineers, women, mothers, friends and comrades.
We are dedicated to finding and using rare plants in our design, and we are inspired by locally produced plants, many of which we grow ourselves. We are committed to organically produced flowers and it is not difficult for us to cross Serbia along and across in order to get it. Nature is our inspiration and in our work we strive for its perfection.
And we have one and clear rule: flowers are good enough only if they bring us tears, joy, of course!